Monday, June 23, 2008

Tobey at Shean Wenn's 1st birthday

Shean Wenn is exactly 2 weeks younger than little Tobey. Her mum and myself have more or less seen our babies grew up together for the first year... not forgetting all the "fun" it was being pregnant at the same time ;P . Therefore, little Shean's 1st birthday was indeed extra special for me,SK and Tobey. It was held in a floating restaurant in London. The weather was gorgeous. Sunny all around. Food was SO delicious. Tobey sampled most of the dishes as well. We ate so much until we skipped dinner ..hahaha... thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Tobey was a good boy as he managed to sit in his high chair most of the time in that 3 hours. Midway through, we did took him out to vent out the access energy by letting him walk/run along the waterfront.

Tobey and Shean Wenn meet again

Scene 1:

Tobey (T): "Hello Shean, Happy Birthday, you look reaaaallly pretty today. We are finally toddlers, do you know?"
Shean Wenn (SW): " I Know! at least now we can walk, much more interesting isn't it?...hey, you don't look too bad yourself"

T: "These lace are cool by the way"
SW: "Yup it matches my dress really well"

T: "But this bow has to be the winner!"
SW: (hands off my bow!)

Scene 2:

T: "Hey, Shean, can I have a look at your fingers please?"
SW: "Errr, why?...ok"

T: "You've got nice fingers "

SW: "I think yours look nice too"
T: "Heeehehe..gee.. Thanks" (blush)


zewt said...

hmm... that looks liks tsu lin :)

chip-pea said...

@Zewt:You are right,SW's mum is Tsulin :)