Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Possibly back to blogging

My last post was 7th Jan 2012. Over 2 years of hiatus. Partly due to Facebook but mainly due to being busy relocating. About the time of my last post, we were a few months into our plan to relocate back to Malaysia. House sale, moving to rented , looking for a suitable job, found it, move back, settles into schools and work, culture (cashiers that  look as if I owe them money) shock, bought and renovated our own house and etc. As of today, I am just back from selecting a new nursery for Euan. The first one was purely Montessori based. Took him out of there as at this age, he has to start to learn and write based on the Malaysian's MOE guidelines, just like majority of 3 year olds here. The idea is to ensure that he is ready should we decide to enrol him to a private local syllabus school here. Also the first nursery is not enclosed and air-conditioned and is mosquitoes infested. Sorry, you chargd the most and yet you are not ensuring my son's safety. This new nursery is air-conditioned and it has the plan for the right balance of academic, social and emotional development. I've looked at quite a few around here and oh my, the difference can be astounding. Few days back, I 've visited one that even 'encouraged the kids to sit and do a 10 minutes writing  practice' during their breaktime which is held IN THE CLASSROOM itself. 3-4 year olds, studying 4 hours and they are encouraged to practice during their break. Worst part it, when the supervisor told me about this, she was pretty proud of that fact. It's another extension of the Chinese school.

So , I'll have potentially 4 hours break all to my own again. I've done the massages and solo shopping. Those things still excites me but can't do it daily. What can I do from home? Was speaking to the founder of Euan's new kindi. She's around my age ( got a degree and also Montessori trained) and runs a hugely successful nursery. She was asking me the same question. She said some parents who works from home are journalist, doing their PHD, etc. Asked me to start with what I am interested in. I am interested in earning money. LOL. Also property investment. We'll see.

Friday, January 06, 2012

Long overdue updates...(*blowing cobwebs on blog away*)

It's been almost 1/2 a year since my last posting. That's because my parents had quit their wi-fi at home and I've resorted to the old fashion way of sending them paper photos through the post. They prefers it that way. More tangible. Anyways, life has been going fine. Winter is here. Not as cold YET(praying very very hard for it to remain above 10c until Spring reappears.)

Kids are growing well. Euan is 15 months old and running around. He is a very cautious (very hard to earn his trust), focused, cheeky and determine person. Just like his daddy. However, he has my bad temper. He loves Woody and Buzz lightyear from the cartoon Toy story.
Infact, only Toy Story series can keep him seated on the sofa for a good 30 minutes whilst I zap around the house doing chores or taking my shower. That's because he's going through a serious phase of separation anxiety. He loves shoes and brings his shoes to us and ask us to wear it for him when he wants to go out. After his shoes are on, he would go tap on the door and say "there". Pointing is his way to lead us to what he wants and explain to us what happened. For example he would point to his head when asked where his brother smacked him. Sigh. He loves to wear my house slippers and copy me in cooking and loading the washing machine. Infact he helps me load the machine sometimes lol!
He loves football. Always plays that with daddy...

and also developing a liking for books.

The good thing about the second one, we don't have to rush out to buy books/toys to assist his current development, like we did with Tobey almost every weekend in the early years. It's all prepared for Euan since he's born. Sometimes I wonder whether it's too overwhelming for him. So far, that's not the case yet. He seems to get drawn to certain things on his own as he grows older.

Tobey is now 4 1/2 years old. He started primary school back in September 2011 (Reception class).
He is growing up into a charming little gentleman with his daddy's mild temper , talks non-stop, inquisitive, very participative, learning to write and spell very well from school, very sociable, happy, sweet and kind boy. However, he does wears his heart on his sleeve like mummy. He is into bowling and video gaming on the Wii.
We do try to expose him to broader subjects, like aviation for example (hoping that he will want to be a pilot and we can retire in style :P)
Here's Tobey at m&m's World and Hyde Park Winter Wonderland fair in London. It was a long overdue 'mummy and Tobey' outing...(we had tonnes of fun on that day, chatting the whole day long. I really enjoyed his company)
I am impressed at the rate he is learning from his primary school. For example, his school is currently having "Science week" theme these few weeks. He came home today telling me about "experiments" they did in school and locked himself in the washroom to do some "experiment" with the hand wash. Something about bubbles. On this coming Monday we are suppose to dress him up as a mad scientist before sending him to school. Hmmm....Here is a shopping list ("because daddy say it's important!")I asked him to write for me and his Christmas card to us (he knows that 'xxx' means kisses haha) Bearing in mind that this is a progress from only able to write his name and to these in 3 months;
Both of my babies play and fight alot. Hence everyday is never boring in that aspect. Usually because Euan wants what his big brother has and big brother decides that "he's a baby and can't play with this big boy's toy!". They love each other to bits though:) Should have given Tobey a sibling much earlier.
In terms of holidays, we had 2 mini local holidays last summer. We ventured into Lake district(with SK's parents and brother)...
and Butlins Skegness (just us) ....
Now looking forward to Easter break where we'll be back in Malaysia for 3 weeks. The last time we were back , I wasn't even pregnant with Euan yet. I hope none of us will fall ill this time. With me still breastfeeding Euan, hopefully he will not have any tummy upsets from the change of diet back home.

That's all for now :))

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Pics update-July 11

Here are the plums. Can't wait for them to go red, that's when they'll taste like honey. More and bigger fruits this year.
Conference pears...my favourite
As usual the lettuces
My boys have been busy building (with their new Taiwanese construction bricks 'La Pao' bought by SK's parents and brought all the way here by SK's aunties..longs story, as you can imagine, we had lots of visitors from Malaysia these past few months)...
tanks...(lovingly built by daddy for his precious sons)
trucks ...
and lots of swords and guns which are Tobey's speciality. He comes out with different designs each day with his Legos and stickle bricks too. The other day, one of his guns was a double barrelled one, complete with a view finder.lol!
Euan doesn't like to be restrained!
He's crawling and climbing stairs now. He can stand unsupported for longer now. A tough nut. Seldom cries.Whenever he bumps his head or falls, he'll just wipe his brow and carry on. Quite focus for his age. Very often he can remember where he kept his toy and will go back to retrieve it after playing with something else for a long time. Still likes chewing on things. 2 lower central incisors came through at 8 months old.
spending time with mah-mah

My almost 10 months old darling boy enjoying the swing:) I can't believe how fast it's been. 10 months went in a flash. He's slowly loosing his baby-ness.Sigh!

Monday, June 06, 2011

My baby's 4th Birthday Party

Mummy was still cooking at the very last hour
Daddy was putting up decor at the very last minutes
The home-made fruit cake (SK's mum family recipe) which daddy and mummy stayed up to 2:30am icing it-The Indiana Jones Lego Cake
The guests.
The bouncy castle was a hit! All kinds of fight happened in it.. (away from the parents eyes)
Mummy and baby. Euan wondering what was happening.
Daddy barbecue-ing chicken wings, satay and sausages.
Guests indoors whre the French open final was on (notice my dear friend on the sofa. She is due any moment now!)
Euan on the castle. He's exactly 8 months old on the day of the party (5th June 2011)
Tobey having a ball!
During the singing of the birthday song...my favourite picture...it captured my boy's emotion of "OMG! it's finally happening!!!" happiness .
during the blowing of the cake
..cutting of the cake..
The gifts. Hi "yeh-yeh" bought him a 16inches bike. He can ride two wheels for a few months now. Our gift to him is a portable basketball hoop with stand. It came the next day, Amazon was late.

Both me and SK slept before 9pm after the party ended.Our backs, arms , eyes...everything hurt, but I tell you, it's so worth it. I am pretty sure this party takes a good big spot in my darling's childhood memory. He still can't stop talking about it.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Euan 7 months old

Sits very well
Crawls Caterpillar style
Pull to stand! Yay!
Favourite chewy toy- ELC rubber snake
My superhero baby :)
Not forgetting my sweetheart"nearly four years old" firstborn. We are in the midst of organising his 4th birthday party. I pray that the weather holds :/ Stay tuned!

***Bonus Feature***
Brothers playing together. Hopefully one day they can both go "kau lui" go to library together and leave me in peace. Wishful thinking.