Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Possibly back to blogging

My last post was 7th Jan 2012. Over 2 years of hiatus. Partly due to Facebook but mainly due to being busy relocating. About the time of my last post, we were a few months into our plan to relocate back to Malaysia. House sale, moving to rented , looking for a suitable job, found it, move back, settles into schools and work, culture (cashiers that  look as if I owe them money) shock, bought and renovated our own house and etc. As of today, I am just back from selecting a new nursery for Euan. The first one was purely Montessori based. Took him out of there as at this age, he has to start to learn and write based on the Malaysian's MOE guidelines, just like majority of 3 year olds here. The idea is to ensure that he is ready should we decide to enrol him to a private local syllabus school here. Also the first nursery is not enclosed and air-conditioned and is mosquitoes infested. Sorry, you chargd the most and yet you are not ensuring my son's safety. This new nursery is air-conditioned and it has the plan for the right balance of academic, social and emotional development. I've looked at quite a few around here and oh my, the difference can be astounding. Few days back, I 've visited one that even 'encouraged the kids to sit and do a 10 minutes writing  practice' during their breaktime which is held IN THE CLASSROOM itself. 3-4 year olds, studying 4 hours and they are encouraged to practice during their break. Worst part it, when the supervisor told me about this, she was pretty proud of that fact. It's another extension of the Chinese school.

So , I'll have potentially 4 hours break all to my own again. I've done the massages and solo shopping. Those things still excites me but can't do it daily. What can I do from home? Was speaking to the founder of Euan's new kindi. She's around my age ( got a degree and also Montessori trained) and runs a hugely successful nursery. She was asking me the same question. She said some parents who works from home are journalist, doing their PHD, etc. Asked me to start with what I am interested in. I am interested in earning money. LOL. Also property investment. We'll see.

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