Friday, October 12, 2007

Week 18

We had a wonderful time over the weekend. Sk finally had a work stress-free weekend with us. It was so relaxing. We just went shopping leisurely, sat in a cafe, played with Tobey and had lots of walks. Tobey definitely enjoyed his time with his daddy and as for me, it's definitely a bonus when SK can take over in looking after Tobey whilst I had extra few hours of sleep on Sunday morning. Darn, I miss lie ins!

This week, we took Tobey to register his birth with the Malaysia Embassy in London. We also managed to get his passport done. Since we live no where near London and we needed to get there by 8:30 am so as to ensure the collection of passport falls on the same day, we left the house at 5:35am to avoid traffic congestion into London. Not nice. But it was a first for us to be driving through the central of London. We drove on Baker St., Oxford St., and even drove through Tower Bridge! Usually, we would be walking, clutching our backpacks, camera and map. London drivers are one hell of a confident bunch. Delivery vans would criss-cross impatiently and fast cars would go...well fast, in the middle of the morning traffic. The funny thing is there were still those brave souls who cycled to their destination!!!!!! Just imagine a cyclist in KL morning traffic. Then there's this cute little electric milk truck that zoomed calmly by. I thought those things only worked in places like kampung Norhampton, so it was a delightful sight.

We went to visit Tsulin and her lovely daughter Shean Wenn

Tobey was happy to meet Shean at last. Both babies are born 2 weeks apart and their mummies have been discussing about them since they were still in their respective mummy's womb! Shean and Tobey didn't really talk much to one another, but they are not shy to sit near together as well...infact they are quite comfortable with one another

see Shean even allowed Tobey to have his nappy change in her turf! Such a lovely host she is.

In terms of development, Tobey has been practicing 'sitting-up unsupported' alot this week. His fav place would be his cot as the mattress is softer for him to elbow himself up to sitting position. When he's sitting up, he would look over the rail and he finally saw where I've been sleeping all this while. Can't pretend I am not in the room anymore, he knows where to look for me now.

Since he's so into sitting, we finally assembled the travel cot for him to play in. No longer can just place him on the sofa and expect him not to tumble onto the floor

We've also put him in this empty nappy box when we wanna cart him into another room when needed. He loves it!

As for solid food intake. I've made my first homemade combi puree this week, made from rice, sweet potato, carrot and broccoli cooked over slow fire. He had no problem with it. But I discovered it was a task to not make too much as these homemade puree is awful for freezing as their texture doesn't stay smooth after defrosting. So the solid journey continues...

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Tsu Lin said...

Re the box : What a good idea for a makeshift playpen. Hmmm...

And thanks for telling me about freezing and thawing of these puree. Maybe I should go to that weaning party and see what ideas I can get from there.

So glad Tobey met up with Shean Wenn. Hopefully they can meet up more often. :)