Friday, November 23, 2007

Week 23 & Week 24

These two weeks Tobey has been busy 'sociallising' with his baby friends. Week 23, Tobey went to visit baby Sam. Baby Sam is extremely adorable and inquisitive.
Both babies played along fine. You know, they pulled each other's shirts, shared toys, tried hard not to touch one another.....just incase people get the wrong idea.

However, on Week 24, baby Shean Wenn visited Tobey. Bear in mind, this is their second meet-up after they first met up on Week 18

They shared toys....
Tobey 'sayang'-ed baby Shean ......(actually I watched him like a hawk as he used to like to scratch faces)

and he even pecked Shean several times!!! Both babies actually sat and 'baby- talked' to one another for quite a while. Incredibly cute!

Now now now...Is it me or this boy is starting to show preference within his social circle :P

In terms of development, he's advancing in his finer motor movements, for example he is now able to move his wrist around when manipulating objects instead of moving his whole hand. We also witnessed him showing some gentler and more intentful actions. For example, he would gently touch one of his toy on the keys on his play xylo-piano to obtain a quieter note and the next minute he would decide to just hit it with full force to hear the outcome, before keeping still to ponder (on presumely the difference), and then continue his play. When SK and I sing, whistle (SK, I can't) whilst playing one of his musical toy, he would become very excited and would make alot of movement. Hopefully, when he's older, we can dance together! We realised he's outgrown his all his toys and we will need to get him more sophisticated toys to further encourage and to accompany his learning enthusiasm.

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