Sunday, September 09, 2007

Week 13

The weather has been extra kind this week. We managed to spend alot of time outdoors. I took Tobey to town on my own for the first time this week. It was managable and I would certainly do it again. We've also spent some time in the garden where I attempted to introduce my son to whatever lifeform I can find in the garden. Not sure whether he absorbed any information, but he sure did enjoyed putting things into his mouth. Over the weekend, our little family went on our usual mini adventures as well. Oh, we bought a rug for the hall where Tobey usually play, in preparation for winter.

This week, Tobey improved on his movement. They are now more 'purposeful', for example, when he's sleepy, he would rub his eyes with the back of his hands instead of rubbing using his fist. Or when he touches his feet, he would touch only the toes. He also developed this weird habit of scratching on surfaces. He would scratch his toys, the sofa, US, and whichever surface that catches his attention.

I've been introducing him to flash cards and alphabet booklets. His attention span for those kinda things is rather short. He prefers putting them in his mouth. I don't mind, as I mentioned, it's just introduction to some learning materials. However there's this poem book that I try to read to him daily, that he loves. Most of the time he would sit through the whole reading and stares and gurgles at the colourful pics. He probably finds poems 'calming'.

I hope that in week 14, the weather will once again permits us more time to be outdoors.


Tsu Lin said...

The 2ns photo with the flowers is SO ADORABLE. Like some kind of model shoot, phooiyor!


Can't wait to see him!

chip-pea said...

thanks hehe... I like it as well. I think the lighting was right coincidently.